Health center of Tehran Uviversity  

University is characterized as a place for intellectual activities, challenges of thought. Leading society towards a brighter future is one of the main features of this institution. In fact, all the efforts made at Iran's Department of Higher Education are aimed at adequate and deserved training of students.

Majority of these efforts include providing students with educational and research facilities, and the bare-bone essentials of personal and social life. They seek to prepare a calm, exciting and dynamic environment. Therefore, this massive and constructive group will have no other objectives than development and evolution , it will not have to grapple with trivial problems and will walk down this path with a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Health care and medical treatment are two issues that can play a significant role in creating a dynamic academic society, and providing that society with physical, psychological and social health and peace.

To achieve this, the Health and Care Center of the Tehran University, under the supervision of Vice- president in Cultural and Students’ Affairs has undertaken the responsibility for providing health services to students academic and members.